April 07, 2011


I am no longer leasing Pstar.  Laurie was completely sympathetic about how I felt while working with Pstar alone.  I feel terrible that I didn't realize how much horse she was.  She's still a sweetie in the paddock and I can love on her when I go out for my lessons and even have a lesson lunging her but I won't be having the one on one time of a lease that made me feel a bit unsafe.

Whew!!!!  Laurie is getting moved into the new place and so are the horses.  I can't wait to go back out to the new place to ride Divine.  I'll take lots of pictures to show you the nice new digs that Laurie and her family have!

For now I'm considering what my next move will be as far as leasing a horse goes.  I could find one close in town to ride during the week and on the weekends perhaps.  Perhaps a nice trail horse, any breed.  Spring is coming along and the hubby and I have a lot of yard work to get done plus hiking season should start in a few months and we wish to get back into that full swing.  We'll see how things go.  Still paying down debt and awaiting the day where I can search for my first mount!

Pstar is a sweet girl, we just aren't a good combo when she's out of her comfort zone and I'm out of mine!  I look forward to loving on her and giving her carrots and not getting irritated at her!  LOL. 


Rosanne said...

I'm glad you were able to get out of leasing Pstar. It sounds like you weren't ready to deal with all of her learning issues yet. I guess you won't be able to continue to ride Willy? He sounds like a wonderful boy. Will you still be spending time with either horse?

Christie said...

I will see Pstar every time I have a lesson with Divine and I'm sure I'll have a few lunging lesson with Pstar. Willy I'll go to visit, right now I'm considering what I want to do. If I can find a horse that is located near a lot of trails that would be great! We'll see!