April 28, 2011

Psyched for an Endurance Weekend!

I'm excited since tomorrow my hubby and I head up to Aurora so we can volunteer during the Kenlyn Urban Challenge Endurance race.  We'll be getting a taste for what this sport is like!  I can't wait to meet all the neat horsey people and of course the horsies!  I have only a couple friends that are horsey...the rest just smile and nod with glazed eyes when I talk about horse stuff...I'm sure all horse crazy people know that look very well!!!  It will be awesome to make some connections with other like-minded horse crazy folk!

Anyhow, we are going up tomorrow night for the early registration and will be camping out with all the participants.  Then Saturday we'll spend our time running around I'm sure!  I do have a lot to talk about in future posts.  I test rode a few horses for a potential lease and have settled on a cute paint mare for the next 6 months.  She's right near my work so that is nice and I have her two days a week, Wednesday and Sunday.  She a lot different than Willy and doesn't seem to like the bit I have so I'll be working on finding something that works well with her and start getting to know her personality.  I haven't been out for riding lessons because of work issues or other things...I miss Laurie's horses and do want to see Pstar again.  I still love her even if she's too young and spirited for me! 

After the 6 month lease is over I plan on taking a break from leasing since I'd rather take that money and start saving hardcore to buy my horse next spring!  I still peruse Dreamhorse and other sale sites and have found a lot of horses under 3k, which is nice.  I'd go as high at 5k if the horse was just amazing (and I could afford it!) and well trained but hopefully I can stay in the lower range.  Anyhow, here's some pics of horses I've seen that I can dream about for now.  A couple are actually Morgans or Arabian crosses but sound like nice mounts so definitely ones I would consider come the time to buy!

HorseID: 1649714 Red Rose Irania - PhotoID: 551774 -  2011-08-03 Days Left: 97
Morgan Mare in South Dakota.....oh what pretty color, I love Buckskins!! The video shows her under saddle and she does pretty nicely!

HorseID: 1673220 Dream Valley Rockette - PhotoID: 563787 -  2011-07-16 Days Left: 79
Another Morgan mare in Colorado, hopefully her rear isn't really higher than her withers. She looks very downhill in this photo!

Sorrel Arabian Mare
Arabian mare for $1800, probably won't be for sale when I can buy her!

Been seeing this guy posted for a while, he's nice 9-10 year old Arabian gelding in Del Norte, Colorado.

HorseID: 1661559 Hey Girlfriend - PhotoID: 557678 -  2011-06-11 Days Left: 44
Pretty dark bay Arabian mare in Parker, Colorado I think

I cannot wait until I can get on the phone and start asking these people about their horse and going out and meeting the horse!  That day will be here soon enough!

I'll post more about this weekend when I get back home and my lease horse trials later!


Breathe said...

I have a Morgan and really have found they have a neat combo of the loving nature of an Arab yet not as hot.

It's fun and frustrating looking for your horse!

Have a great time this weekend...

Rosanne said...

Finding the right horse for your needs can take quite awhile. We've had our best success with horses that are around eight to ten years old when we purchased them.
My hubby rides endurance and we have met some of the nicest horse people at the rides! If you are considering endurance as a sport-we have found some Arabian crosses to be ideal.