September 06, 2018

Summertime....and the living is BUSY, don't care what Ella says!

Summertime is about mowing, heat, gardens, sweaty ponies and evil horseflies!  We've had lots of heat and then lots of rain at times.  It's been hard to keep up with the pastures.  We mow one a week and rotate the horses off the one we just mowed.  The pastures have been looking great though!  Even the wormhole area is green and the horses are getting good grazing there too!  The fans in the barn are keeping them cool and away from the horseflies.  Some of these flies I've mistaken for hummingbirds!  They are huge!

Our garden got attacked by a vine borer so I only had 3 zucchini before the plants wilted.  Ugh.  My tomatoes have been okay, had a tomato horn worm issue but got the caterpillars and fed them to a neighbors chickens and left the ones with parasitic wasp eggs.  That's actually pretty satisfying.   Still contemplating chickens for Geek Acres but I'm afraid my border/aussie mix will kill them.  He never has learned that horses kick...

My neck has mostly healed but still not signed off to ride yet.  The horses are doing fine with that though, lol.  I'll have a lot of work when the weather cools I'm sure getting them back into the habit of riding.  I went to a sleep study and have sleep whole family has it so I was encouraged to go.  Sleeping with a cpap now, only been about a week and getting used to it.  Feeling overly tired with that adjustment but it's slowly improving and certainly quieter for the husband!  Plus it's good to know I'm taking action to prevent future health issues and of course not dying by stopping breathing is a big deal.  I apparently did that 98 times as hour!

My bees have been good, had to split one large hive and make another so now we have three hives we are getting prepared for winter.  Hoping things keep going well.  Treating for mites and all seem pretty healthy.  

It's been a busy summer of just work with mowing and bees it seems.  No riding, no scuba diving.....sad.  But now that I'm healed up I'm back to getting in the water and should be able to mount up again soon, at least the weather will cool down and those dreaded horseflies will die!

Got a new haircut and liking having slightly shorter hair.  Sorry this blog post is boring.  Just haven't been able to do much pony stuff to write about.


L.Williams said...

98 times an hour, that's scary!

Mrs Shoes said...

Your beehives are works of art Christie; how did you get the idea to make them look like a town? If I were to have hives, I'd want them to look like yours. Glad to hear you're on the mend.

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