November 11, 2017

New fencing section

Steve and I have been busy as usual.  I've spent time finishing up my Scuba diving certification in prep for our trip in October to Australia.  Before the trip we wanted to get a new section of fencing put up to change where the horses are fed now that the only door you can use for the feed room is the big door.

Steve staked out what he calls the "whoop-de-do" like what we have on the other side of the barn.  It's basically a human fence pass through.

Steve's new auger makes the job of digging post holes so much easier!!!

He also make sure that the fence posts didn't slope therefore you have a place to rest your beer when you are working out in the yard!  LOL.

We got a new 14 foot gate placed (eventually wanted to get another in the back so you can enter with a truck and trailer through the back to deliver hay etc.)

Then of course the posts had to be cut to the fence size, they were just a little too tall.

I started working on painting the doors to the hay room....we'll eventually have the entire barn painted but that's a lot of paint and time.  Luckily I have a father in law who likes painting and stayed here while we were down under!

So the rest of the post is just pictures since as I write this we have to head out and finish up installing some barn lights and doing some wiring.

I played with a silly filter on my camera here.

Complete fencing!

Lastly we had to run the electric fence connection to another area of the electric fence so we rented a trencher to do that job.  The picture is of Steve but I'm the bad ass who did the job mostly!  Hear me roar!  More to come!

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Mrs Shoes said...

Great job on those outdoor beer stands!