January 14, 2017

Snow Fun!

Snow means ice around here and I definitely blanket up the ponies!  We had single digits, which I don't mind too much but glad it doesn't happen very often in the south.  Dani loved the snow and enjoyed rolling in it.

She also loved laughing at the funny human taking pictures all bundled up.  Guess she didn't realize she was bundled up too!

Chance and Dani both had icicles under their jaws and in their manes.  Dani for some reason gets balls of ice on the underside of her hooves so I have to use a ping hammer to free her, otherwise it's like she has high heels!

Chance did well with no snow ball feet but plenty of mane icicles.  

Spencer my old little dog was content staying warm on the couch.

And for Armani it was the same.  Us humans were fine too but I did have to drive a few days and let me just say that ice really sucks but my Fiat handled it all pretty well.

Now it's in the 60's and muddy....yipee!!  At least we are getting moisture so we can finally do some seed spreading in the pastures.


lytha said...

When I visited Rome, the cops drove Fiats. The fancy cops drove Alfa Romeos! And it's true, no one drives between the lines. Scared the crap outta me, and I live in a place with no speed limit.

Mrs Shoes said...

I recently read that, by feeding alfalfa (or other, as you prefer) seed to your cattle, they will help reseed or rejuvenate pastures. According to this fellow, the seed ferments a bit in the gut & when it's excreted the seed capsule is deteriorated enough for the seed to take hold in the soil.
I don't know if this theory really holds water (you probably DO know though, Christie), & he talked about cows so I don't know if it would work with horses wither, but it would sure be a neat trick if it does. What do you think, does it even sound plausible to you?

L.Williams said...

Love that laughing pic!