October 14, 2016


Steve and I headed to Carolina Beach at the beginning of September but after labor day weekend.  It was a ncie serene weekend and much needed.  We have done too much mowing with a tiny mower this year, a weekend doing nothing but sitting on the beach was a necessary getaway.

Our hotel was right on the beach and we rented an umbrella and two chairs.  It was nice to sit, drink and play in the water.  We got a boogie board and rode the waves into the shore.  So much fun!  Having been land locked for a long time it's nice to live only a couple hours from some lovely beaches!

Steve was sexy and silly as always...

I got to try out my new star trek cover-up and pretended we were on Risa, the tropical vacation planet of the Alpha quadrant.

And of course the obligatory picture above.....

Live long and prosper!

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Mrs Shoes said...

Tiny mower - hear you all too well.
Do yourselves a huge favour and just spend the money on an appropriately sized tractor, sooner rather than later.
Word from the wise (after 9 years of making due... stupid tractor would've been paid off long ago & we'd have saved ourselves A LOT of work the Hard Way.