August 13, 2016

Run-in with Termites

We knew the run-in shed already had some termite damage in some of the wood.  When I noticed a new little termite tunnel though, it moved our rebuilding of the shed to the forefront.  Termites build little mud tubes so they don't dry out, that's always something to look for.

The main supports were most likely treated wood and had no termite damage at all so we just have to remove the surround and then the boards that contact the ground.  Most likely it was no treated wood.

If I scraped the mud off the boards you could see some of the tunnels.

Some of the boards had years of extensive damage.  You need to catch it right away!  Many boards we took out weighed nothing and sounded like rain sticks!  At least they weren't the support beams.

As we began to set up for the demolition the ponies of course wanted to help.

What's dad doing?  I certainly didn't want them stepping on the nails or being in the way of falling wood so I herded them in to on the of the fields and filled some buckets of water since they didn't have access to the trough being locked the pasture.

Leading Dani through the gate and clopped in a mud puddle and it went all up my leg!  LOL.  I never stay clean around here.  It's just not possible.

It wasn't too bad to tear it apart, building it back up will take more time.

We pilled all the wood up and then were able to haul it away in the truck.  Steve later dug a trench and sprayed for termites around all the supports.  We had professionals come do the prevention spray around the barn, storage shed and house.  They found some indications of termites in our garage....guess the darn inspector missed that when we bought the house.  I don't think there is extensive damage like the shed since there were also indications that the house had received termite treatment by drilling into the floor of the garage.    At least we know we have prevention in place and will keep up with that.  

We also will paint the shed and barn with a insect repellent mixed into the paint and use pressure treated wood. 

Now we just have the skeleton of the shed, eventually we'll get to rebuilding it but there are always continual projects going on and mowing....oh the mowing!!!

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