February 04, 2016

Photo Shoot....sort of

A former colleague from CO is doing lots of fun art things for his enjoyment.  He said he wanted to do some of my horses and wanted me to sent him some pictures without too busy a background.  It was fading light in the evening but I figured why not.  Here are some of the "results".

My two ungroomed ponies in the field nibbling and grass bits. 

Chance mainly kept his head down like there was something really yummy buried beneath the grass.  He was licking mostly.  LOL

Then he moved and I thought "sweet maybe he'll pose!"  Nope just an itch.

Then he walked to me curious if my camera was edible.

I backed off a little but didn't quite get a good shot before he went back to grazing.  Plus, " Hi Dani's butt!"

Oh and speaking of butts....at least her head was up.  I think her butt is cute.

Chance decided to run around a bit and snort at things but the fading light meant my shutter speeds could not keep up with the action.

Finally Dani was a good girl and listened to sounds of people off in the distance.  Nice set up pretty girl!

I can always try again since they are right in the backyard!  :-)

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Mrs Shoes said...

I think Chance was totally posing in the itch shot...