October 09, 2015

Fences Not Dani Proof

The wooden fences on the property are older and many boards need replacing.  Dani leaned against a couple where she stands and neighs at other horses, those weaker boards broke.  I plan on running a hot wire along the top to prevent that but until then I'm fixing the loose boards.

The boards were nailed in place so a little difficult to remove since the heads were all rust out.  Past "repairs" were done with duct tape?  LOL.  I guess it works in a pinch.  We'll get the fencing up to par.  We also have a short on the electric fence which is weird since it worked earlier and now it keeps tripping the plug even when it's not plugged into the fence charger.  Steve will take a look at that this Saturday.

It was a drizzly day and I was sick and coughing at lot so it wasn't too fun but it needed to be done.  I have several more areas to attend to but I got the broken boards out and new ones installed.  My pony is contained....for now!  Fence maintenance is an ongoing thing but a hot wire on the top will increase the longevity of this wooden fencing.

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ABScharstein said...

My fence line resembled this when we moved in, we just ended up taking it down and using completely new boards and two lines of hot wire. Horses are houdinis!