November 03, 2014

Missing chunk

Dani come up missing a part of her mane.  

I love her mane so this was heartbreaking.  Generally it's not noticeable unless her mane is perfectly combed.  I've started a program from Manely Long Hair, there is a great detangler and then a hydrating conditioner that you can dilute into a spray in leave on conditioner.  The detangler is very slick and I recommend gloves since it's pretty messy.

The kit I purchased also comes with the smaller detangler brush the larger brush to brush out the mane and tail to keep it clean.  So far the system is very impressive and I'm hoping that having less tangle free hair will prevent future missing chunks.

After several days in the wind Dani's hair was very easy to brush and though it was dirty from her usual rolling on the ground.  It was excellent not having all those tangles in her mane.  Seems to be a great system so far!

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Terry said...

Oh bummer! Bad Reggie eats Paj's mane every now and then. I think he gets carried away when they groom each other.
I like Cowboy Magic Detangler, but it's pricey.