March 11, 2014

Poor Sweetie!!

I hope soon my life will calm down.  I crashed my car, Sweetie, last week.  It wasn't major I just spun on ice to avoid 2 other cars.   The spinning turned into me going backwards over a curb with river rocks.  Luckily it was just damage to my bumper and getting an alignment. So glad I didn't hit anyone of have worse damage.

Life has been pretty busy for other reasons but I can't state that just yet.  It's fun stuff though!  

At least my car is repaired and good to go now.   It's always something right?


lytha said...

ah, you drive a civic! good choice. i had an accord and a civic and loved my civic so much. the civics in germany are so different, so sporty, i want one! but we decided for toyotas. everytime i see an insight driving alongside my prius i kind of wish we'd gone that way.

Jayson Bass said...

I'm so sorry to hear you were in a car accident. I'm glad you weren't hurt badly. It could've been worse so please drive more carefully next time. I'm just thankful now that it was only your bumper that took a huge hit. Anyway, I'm glad your car has been fixed. Hopefully nothing like this happens again!

Jayson Bass