September 30, 2013

Lokis Near Death Experience

I bring Loki and Spencer to the barn a lot.  Spencer is a Jack Russel so he stays tied to a fence post out of the way but Loki is fine, he'll wander but always comes back; he loves coming to the barn and running in the open space.  I keep an eye on him and if it's not just me at the barn or I'm going to ride both pups will be tied up and out of everyone's hair.

Well, today I was distracted I guess.  A friend was going to a wedding so swung by to let her son see Dani and to give me the run down on the critter care for the weekend.  Since she lived right near the barn I told her it would be no issue to take care of her pups and kitty.  While chatting I didn't keep the eye on Loki until it was too late.  Loki was in Sugar's pen and she didn't like it!!

In a split second the mare had her head down, ears pinned and feet stomping and I heard that wretched dog yelp.  Loki limped out of the pen over to me.  His back was arched and his legs didn't seem to work correctly.  I thought the worst but tried to keep calm and get him to stop moving.  I touched his sides and back, felt his head....he didn't react to my touch and I pressed a little more.  Still no reaction.  Not sure if that was a good sign or not.  I feared his back was broken or his pelvis.  There wasn't anything obviously wrong so I thought to finish up at the barn, wait and see and if need be take him to the Emergency Vet.

He walked a bit more but still his legs didn't work right and he cocked his head to the side.  Oh god no!  I feared a fatal prognosis.  In only a few minutes though Loki literally snapped out of it and ran off in a normal fashion to see Spencer.  A rush of relief came over me.  He must have been in shock, I know when I've fallen off it takes a few minutes to function properly.  I just feared that like with my dear rat Penelope I had years ago (who had fallen from the top of a tall cage to the bottom and hit her head) that it would mean I would have to make "that" decision again now with my dear Loki.  He sure was acting like there was something neurologically wrong.  Thank goodness he was alright!

I spent that night continually probing his little body, feeling for heat, checking his eyes etc etc.  He was fine though.  He still looked pathetic as I sat enjoying my bubble bath.  Not sure if he felt wounded from being beaten up by a pony or if he was afraid he'd be in the bubble bath next.  Lesson learned, when a dog is off leash around horses, don't blink for second, especially if they are still getting used to how to be around horses!  

I just have to say thank goodness animals are so resilient!

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Kellie said...

WOW! I bet that was scary. Glad he is alright.