November 27, 2011

Slow Motion

Nothing bothers me more than slow motion in a video of a horse that is for sale.  I want to see how a horse really moves please!

I know I'm 6-9 months away from when I really will start looking for my horse but I can't help but check out horses online and mark ads that interest me.  Here are four videos of horses I have dog earred in case they are still on the market when I start horse shopping.  The first one is a bit fishy, read below.  The first two show the types of videos that pretty much annoy me when trying to judge whether I have an interest in the horse.

This one below just drives me crazy!  Can't even watch the whole thing!  Plus he has a stripe and the picture of the horse in the ad doesn't...has the same sock pattern though.....that's a little fishy!

This one at least has the horse at regular speed so I can see how fast his trot and canter are.  The slow-mo is for artistic videos not a sales video, especially when showing a horse under saddle

I think this next video is pretty good.  The  camera quality  could be improved to get a better image but you can see the horse at all gaits, both ways and he fills most of the frame.  Isn't he to die for gorgeous!  Morgans are one the breeds I would certainly consider!

Promising young mare...
What are your thoughts on sales videos?  What do you like to see?  What do you not like to see?  Does it matter the purpose of the horse as to what type of video you'd like to see? Under saddle?  At liberty?

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lytha said...

I wish I could have seen videos of all the sale horses I've looked at - it would have saved me days of driving and hundreds of miles on my car. It's apparently not common here to do a little video. It's also not common to know how to take a conformation photo. I've recently decided that if I see an issue with the legs on a photo, trust the instinct that real life is not gonna make it disappear.

You are so lucky to be where you are where Arabians are cheap. I like all those videos (hate the slow-mo too!) but I felt bad for th 4 year old with a rider sitting the trot on his back.

I try to avoid looking at because it makes me want to cry, what's available in America vs. here.

At least hay is cheap here. *sigh*