July 06, 2011

Another rainy day

Seems that the little rain we have received and now the rain that seems be more prolific, always seems to ruin my chances of riding on Wednesdays.  There is no indoor arena at the farm and the rain seems to stay longer at the Flying W on the western side of town.  I don't want to get soaked to the bone or struke by lightning!

I think for my boarding facility that I will board my horse at will have to first, have good care and free access to a pasture to run around in (I don't want my horse in a stall or small pen all of the time).  Second I need to find a place with an indoor arena, so I can ride no matter what.  Third of course would be trail access right near the stable.  Anyhow, I'm just sitting at home sad I can't ride today.  So I'm watching RDTV with some horse TV shows.

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